No More Time

I went away when I was 11 years old

Incarcerated HatedUnempathetically verbose in group conversations that involved child disasters They said Metzenbaum could make the change Cuffed methen ParmadaleThen Jones home 2 weeks in Cleveland Clinic for mental evaluation then maybe he can return homeSend him to jailSee at that age I should of being asking for permission to go outside After my chores were doneBut I chose the jungle were thugs were bornAnd drug wars were never wonI searched for Stripes But got state issued bluesI told stories of my hunger but ultimately settled for the state issued foodWalked the halls amongst murderers and slavesUnable to comprehend compromise Life sentencesThat’s a pre ordered graveI needed other descriptions for my feelingsStronger words than terrified and afraid I mean,Like literally the hole is in a basement Like in a Cave Soundproof wallsRecreation inside another set of bars in a fenced wrapped cageBuilt with steel bricks and hateThis is where they send our men guilty or notThey called it rehabilitateTo be amongst men subjected to the same things in the streetsHeartless gangs, true felons Survival  associated with anger and violenceDrained mentally willing to kill for hours of silence There are many who could’ve been labeled a criminal who have never had to suffer Reading the words of I love you’s and cant wait til you come homeAnd make sure you write me back as soon as you get these lines orwhen you get some time alone Or call if the phone line ain’t to longOr if you dont run into count timeDid you get that food box I sent you It got lost in the mail last JulyDrained mentally desperate for moments of peaceful silence just to soothe the mindThere are many that have not suffered the disability upon you entangled with serving time6 years 2 in segregation A472679The PastThe performance Stage is right NowI’m finish serving mine.

Oldie But Goodie!

Adam Spells poetry performance

Posted by Tammie Jones on Saturday, September 26, 2015

Its Up to you

On my quest to the top
I learned some pretty hard lessons
I would be lying if I told you I never fell on my face in disgrace
An in some of those revelations
I realized my immature thinking caused some of those I depended on to walk away
Belief that they owed me anything was just irresponsibility on my part
See people have a right to protect themselves
Even from you if that’s what they feel the need to do within their heart
Loyalty,  well its certainly overrated
A catch phrase in urban neighborhoods
A bending scale in which your validity is rated
It’s that small thing you overlook when you look for reasoning as to why you feel slated
You give to much of it
You feel broken
I only write about my life
The things that I’ve seen
Experienced and dreamed
And I’ll be the first to tell you to follow your gut
If things are in disarray
It is not a dream
It is what it seem
You must put yourself first
That’s what the other will do
The preservation of yourself
No matter how many people is in your world
Well that’s totally up to you.

 ©️Adam Spells Poetry 2018

So God.

So God…
I just want to serve you
Tired of putting people above you
You come through when nobody else will and To that I have proof
You move mountains
You control all things
You give hope to the hopeless
You fulfill all dreams
You God You
Oh God you
There’s so much power in your Name
Jesus , Jesus,  Jesus
I’ve cried out so many times having to scream it over and over again
You God You
You deserve me to kneel
I looked to you in my grief
It was you God you
Your the one who healed
You God you
Picked up when I was down and I write to explain to others how that feels

 ©️ Adam Spells Poetry 2018

Bible Poem

Ecclesiates 2 verse 11
Yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done
And what I had toiled to achieve,
Everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind;
Nothing was gained under the sun.

Nothing I tried worked.
My own inventions and ideas.
I focused on what I wanted and failed for many years.
Blamed things upon luck.
No service to him.
Our Heavenly Father.
Prayed for riches but wouldn’t faithfully pay my tithes.
Asked for peace but never sought out peace of mind. 
Never acknowledged his power until things were working fine.
I acted as if I couldn’t remember who could save a wretch like me.
All I put together is no comparison to when Christ died on  Calvary.
It means nothing to live a life and not leave his name in your path.
It’s selfish to not share God with others.
That mighty power within their grasp.
God gifted us with the power to start and complete any given task.
Blessings bestowed upon us for our faithfulness.
More than we can even ask.


My Heavenly father.
He has  truly been so awesome.
This journey in life, well its been wonderful.
If i may take a moment of time to share with you some bits and pieces of my life.
Some days have been filled with agony. Loneliness bitter anger and strife.
Grief has passed through,  the pain of loss and troublesome cost.
Even lost a few friends.
On some of those acquaintances i truly did depend.
I’m thankful.
Thankful for your grace and your wonderful mercy too.
Thankful for my family.
Thankful for your lessons and guidance instilled inside your word.
All the times you saved me when my actions were truly undeserving.
And if i may be a servant just for you.
Touch a heart .
Lend an ear and maybe save a soul or two then witbout hesitation thats what ill do.
I had faith in so many other things dealt by the hands of men.
I’m grateful that you still love me.
Grateful my family stuck around and I’m still here with you still safe and sound.
Adam Spells Poetry


For Frank

We sent you off in style.
Your Sister and your Son danced.
We took a bunch of pictures.
They had pictures of you on every table at the repast.
I got the dance floor open.
Andrew, Angla, Terry and Silas too.
And Cuz we partied.
We did it right for you.
We gonna always love you
More and more you’ll be missed each day
We promise to hold it together
Even though we’ll cry from time to time
We’re so grateful that we had you
We’re grateful we got memories that won’t fade
No matter what we go through
We will have your voice in our heads
“Don’t worry bout nothing Cuz, I got you, don’t worry bout a thang.”
Your memory will remain
It’s in our bloodline
That can never escape the veins
Regardless of the hurting
Regardless of the pain
Rest In Peace Forever Frank Clark Sr.